Lahore HIgh Court
Lahore HIgh Court

Downing College, Cambridge
Downing College, Cambridge

National Monument, Islamabad
National Monument, Islamabad

Lahore HIgh Court
Lahore HIgh Court

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Aitzaz Ahsan & Associates has been the law firm of choice for clients with the most demanding cases for over three decades.


We are not, and have never aspired to be, the biggest law firm by count of lawyers, by volume of instructions, or the number of hours billed. Instead, we seek to be the firm of choice for clients with respect to the most challenging legal issues, the most significant business disputes and the most urgent company matters. 


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Aitzaz Ahsan, our firm's founding partner, is known as the lawyer of choice for individuals and firms facing insumountable legal odds.


Hopeless yet must-win cases have been our hallmark. From Prime Ministers, Presidents and Chief Justices to the country's most influential boardrooms and C-suites, our firm is the first port of call for those in the eye of the storm and facing long odds but must-win situations.

The Indus Saga & the Making of Pakistan, Aitzaz Ahsan


The Indus Saga questions and rejects many of the widely-accepted myths of subcontinental history. The facts presented in this book highlight the dichotomy between the Indus region and India. They show the almost unbroken continuity of a distinct social and political order, bearing testimony to the primordial and restless impulse of the Indus region to be a distinct and independent nation-state. They also bring out, in bold relief, the identity of the Indus person (the modern-day Pakistani)

Divided by Democracy, Aitzaz Ahsan and Lord Meghnad Desai

Divided by Democracy examines why India is a democracy while Pakistan is not. Aitzaz Ahsan argues that at the time of the Partition, while India had a strong middle class and political structure and a subordinated civil and military bureaucracy, in Pakistan it was the opposite. It inherited a strong feudal class, an insignificant bourgeoisie and an extrenched civil and military bureaucracy. 

The Lawyer's Crusade, The New York Times


In April, on the highway outside the little Punjabi town of Renala Khurd, Aitzaz Ahsan was waylaid by a crowd of seemingly deranged lawyers. The advocates, who wore black suits, white shirts and black ties, were not actually insane; they just seemed that way because they were so overcome with excitement at greeting the mastermind of Pakistan’s lawyers’ movement, perhaps the most consequential outpouring of liberal, democratic energy in the Islamic world in recent years.


A highly distingusihed attorney and political leader                                 President Obama


One of the most prominent and widely respected lawyers in Pakistan...his skill in the courtroom [is] a particular strength

Chambers & Partners 


'Outstanding’ founding partner Aitzaz Ahsan is ‘a fantastic advocate'                         Legal 500


A celebrated Lawyer... distinguished, articulate [and a] national hero

Los Angeles Times


Law Blog Lawyer of the Day

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